The Next Wave of Film & TV Tech: Volume Global and White Owl Film Studios


    1:30 - 2:30 PM

    A commitment to cultural recognition in a modern technological space underlines Volume Global’s latest venture into the North, where a partnership with Creator’s Choice helped kickstart White Owl Film Studios on the traditional land of the Wahnapitae First Nation. Join this discussion with Volume Global’s executive team to learn about the innovative tech they’ve introduced in Northern Ontario – like the cutting-edge LED Volume wall that leverages the vast potential of real-time filmmaking and TV production. 

    Volume Global is a studio of filmmakers and technologists united by a shared passion for innovation and excellence in storytelling. Both owning and operating an international network of the world’s largest permanent virtual production stages and air supported soundstages, Volume Global is a fiercely independent content studio, and an innovative technology company, operating on the frontline of the virtual production revolution.

    Panelists: Christopher Harrington (Co-CEO, Volume Global LLC), Michael Hamilton-Wright (Co-CEO, Volume Global LLC), & Dante Yore (CTO, Volume Global LLC)

    Moderator: Devin Mahesh (Director, Industry Development and Production Services, CION)

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